Sold out 2018 run at Taffety Punk Theatre Company, directed by Lise Bruneau 



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CRITICS PICK, THE WASHINGTON POST: "It’s an impressive performance: She smoothly takes on everything from the light Texan twang of a rival to the posh Brit accents of guest speakers and the swaggering-bashful patter of the handsome young frontman for an outfit called Praise Cr3w. Taffety Punk Theatre Company is giving this a limited run at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, but it’s sure to surface again."

 Photos by Teresa Castracane 

Photos by Teresa Castracane 

Praise for MOM BABY GOD: 

Mom Baby God picked me up and threw me into that nostalgic moment when I decided that making political work was my future. I sat with my mouth open, and watched, while drenched in that memory, super excited for this team of humans to jump off a cliff into tomorrow. Madeline Burrows' incredible acting display took me on a ride through an exhilarating cast of characters that will undoubtedly propel her into a full and rewarding future as a performer. Her stamina was commendable, and her personification, stunning. The story is compound, but simple, the acting is heroic. The lighting, video, and stage design is effectively simple. And the emotion runs deep. Madeline and her team have created an incredible seed that will certainly grow into whatever they want it to grow into. And that is fucking exciting.  --JD Samson, Artist

With MOM BABY GOD you too can experience the psychedelic consciousness of an all-American pro-life teen as she juggles puberty, repression, social programming, sex ed gym teachers, pro-life karaoke, new wave feminists, slumber parties, and the prospect of hot marital sex, all while serving on the front lines in the war for control of women's bodies. Madeline Burrows is dynamite in this one woman tour de force play that's smart, hilarious, poignant and a must see. -- Ian Svenonius, Musician & Writer

There are few cultural acts more difficult and more daring then the effort to create political art. The prospects for failure are towering. Either the message gets muddled under a miasma of interpretive hooey or the audience gets treated to a didactic dirge.

That is why my praise for Madeline Burrows one-person play Mom Baby God is so boundless and so unqualified. Ms. Burrows, who is not only an actor but an utterly unapologetic reproductive rights activist, plays half a dozen different participants at a Students Right to Life conference. From the pro-life rock stars and celebrities to confused teenagers and awkward moms, Ms. Burrows inhabits her characters with scathing satirical intent but also a deep sense of her subject’s humanity. Perhaps you never feel like you are watching caricatures because the play is based on Ms. Burrows own undercover research and interviews in the right to life movement, with an overwhelming amount of the dialogue taken directly from their mouths. 

In addition to the political message, Ms. Burrows presents a harrowing youth culture where the bewildering, confused sexuality of the young is crudely manipulated by adults to create fighters for fetal justice. See this play. It is a tour de force that serves both the movement for reproductive rights and the art of theater with extreme effectiveness. Bring Mom Baby God your campus. Bring it to your community and relish the spectacle of art as a force for social change. --Dave Zirin, The Nation Magazine

MOM BABY GOD is one of those rare instances where political thought is strengthened and complicated through theater. The flawless performance and intricately human writing open the doors to a terrifying world we too easily dismiss. The magnetism of the play itself is what will shock an audience into action.

-- Jonathan Solari, Founding Artistic Director, The New Brooklyn Theater

Amazingly realistic and brilliantly acted portrayal of the pro-life movement from the inside that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Scary good!

--Loretta Ross, Co-founder & National Coordinator SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Here's a word I didn't expect to use to describe Mom Baby God: fun! But it really is, in a warm and inclusive way that feels not unlike one of those epic best-friend conversations that manages to be both life-altering and silly at the same time.  Madeline Burrows turns in a tour-de-force performance that's effortless, ferocious and heartbreaking, and manages to humanize many of her characters even while she's exposing the tangled web of ways their cause dehumanizes women. If you care about sexual politics or abortion rights, go see Mom Baby God. If you just want to have a smashingly entertaining night at the theater, go see Mom Baby God. -- Jaclyn Friedman, Author of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape

Why we need political theater (The Media/Oct. 2013)


"Funny, sharp satire. Rose’s sharp writing and indelible charisma, along with direction from Taffety Punk company member Lise Bruneau, makes Mom Baby God a necessary show for our times."



Take a cupcake, put on a name tag, and prepare to be thrown into the world of the Christian Right, where sexual purity workshops and anti-abortion rallies are sandwiched between karaoke sing-alongs, Christian EDM raves and pro-life slumber parties. An immersive dark comedy about American girl culture in the right-wing, written and performed by Madeline Joey Rose. 

It’s 2020 and the anti-abortion movement has a new sense of urgency. Teens 4 Life is video-blogging live from the Students for Life of America Conference, and right-wing teenagers are vying for popularity while preparing for political battle. Our tour guide is fourteen-year-old Destinee Grace Ramsey, ascending to prominence as the new It-Girl of the Christian Right while struggling to contain her crush on John Paul, a flirtatious Christian boy with blossoming Youtube stardom and a purity ring. 

MOM BABY GOD toured nationally to sold-out houses from 2013-2015 and was the subject of a national right-wing smear campaign. In a newly expanded and updated version premiering at Taffety Punk Theatre Company in March 2018, MOM BABY GOD takes us inside the right-wing’s youth training ground at a more urgent time than ever.

The 2013-2015 national tour

MOM BABY GOD toured nationally from 2013-2015. The production was directed by Emma Weinstein. 

 Jessica Beth Giffords visiting a freshman theater class at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

Jessica Beth Giffords visiting a freshman theater class at University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

MOM BABY GOD named "Staff Pick" by theater critic Brendan Kiley in Seattle's The Stranger

Right-wing press for MOM BABY GOD